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We look for buyers on your real estate for sale and do the negotiations while you do other things that matter you most.   You can contact us through e-mail.




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We can assist you in finding your desired real estate in our areas of operation.   We search for ideal properties for your personal use or for your business.  Efforts will be done to provide you the best location

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We search and pre-qualify tenants on your property for rent/lease.






"If you think it's expensive to hire a professional, wait until you hire an amateur."








TAMBULI, Seaside Living!


- The first residential resort community in Cebu to have a ready 200-meter white beach front.


- The first real estate development in Cebu having a four-hectare amenity area.


- Exclusive.  The eleven-hectare development is solely for Residential/Condo owners.  Hence, there will be no Hotel development, no Condotel concept, no Club Membership access.


- State of the art resort development.


- All units comes with balcony.




                                                        "With us, a vacation everyday is possible"


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